CUP Undergraduate Research


This collection archives and makes available undergraduate theses that were previously held in Concordia University Portland's institutional repository, CU Commons.


Theses/Dissertations from 2016


Digital Fabrication of an Aerosol Impactor, Stefan Vincent

Slipcover[ed], Hana Marie Whisman

Theses/Dissertations from 2015

The Cognitive Neuroscience of Religious Belief and its Origins in Hominid Evolution, Patrick Allred

Neil Goldschmidt: A Case Study Analysis of Local Politics, Taylor Nicole Bair

The Plaque and Public Health, Amy Jean Brenner

Speakers of English: A Comparative Study of Language Accents and Perception, Benjamin Crane

Bilingualism and Personality Shifts: A Study of Vietnamese-English Bilinguals, An H. Dang

The Connection between Societal Influences and the Prevalence of Serial Killers: Across Time and Culture, Kayla Elizabeth Driessner

Pathways of Anticoagulation in a Mouse Model of Heart Failure, Alicia Ann Hayes

Comparative Efficiacy of Three Treatment Modalities for Juvenile Sexual Offenders: A Meta-Analysis, Tiffany Nicole Keeton

Competing Commemorations of the Vietnam War: Voices of First- and Second-Generation Vietnamese in the United States and Vietnam, Chau-Anh Xuan Nguyen

NMR Kinetics of the Diels-Alder Reactions of 9-Substituted Anthracenes: Development of an Organic Chemistry Lab Experience, Kira Oyama


NMR Kinetics of the Diels-Alder Reactions of 9-Substituted Anthracenes: Development of an Organic Chemistry Lab Experience, Kira Oyama and Andrew Johnson

The Lost Girls, Kayla Elaine Suvak

Theses/Dissertations from 2014

The Influence of Hip-Hop on Perceptions of Authority, Keegan Baurer


The Aging Effect on Optical and Chemical Properties on Collected SOA, Ryan Caylor

Composition of Secondary Organic Aerosols, Ryan Caylor, Felisha Imholt, Matthew Wise, and John Shilling

Skewed Theologies and Spoiled Prophets: Eight Short Stories by Flannery O'Connor, Alejandra Chavez


Effect of 1,3-Adamantane Bridging Units Within the Surrounding Macrocycle of Squaraine Rotaxanes, Carleton G. Collins, Andrew T. Johnson, Richard D. Connell, Ruth A. Nelson, Ivan Murgu, Allen G. Oliver, and Bradley D. Smith

Retention of Students at Oregon Colleges: A Comparison with Students from Hawai'i, Alana Hu

Optical Properties of Secondary Organic Aerosols Using Ultraviolet/Visible Spectroscopy, Felisha Imholt

Composition and Optical Properties of Secondary Organic Aerosol Particles, Felisha Imholt, Ryan Caylor, Matthew Wise, and John Shilling

Optical Properties of Secondary Organic Aerosols, Felisha Imholt, Ryan Caylor, Matthew Wise, and John Shilling

From Parzival to Percival: A Study of the Development of Sir Percival and his Role as the Grail Hero, Regina Maag

The Effect of Plants on College Freshmen Stress Levels, Nature Relatedness, and Attention Capacity, Miriam McCauley

The Effects of Abuse on Adult Attachment Styles: A Persuasive Literature Review, Sophia Rebecca Nainan


The Use of Molecular Dynamics to Predict the Stability of Squaraine Rotaxanes, Ruth Nelson

The Use of Molecular Dynamics to Predict the Stability of Squaraine Rotaxanes, Ruth Aimee Nelson

Representations of Women Through the Image of the Witch in American Popular Culture, Caitlyn Percell

Antimicrobial Properties of Green and Black Tea and Kombucha, Maria S. Polozova

The Inhibition of Human Deoxycytidine Kinase Mutants by Deoxycytidine Triphosphate, Loriann Noelle Reese

Determining the Optical Properties of Secondary Organic Aerosols using UV-Vis Spectroscopy, Vanessa Selimovic


Determination of Optical Properties of Secondary Organic Aerosols Using UV-VIS Spectroscopy, Vanessa Selimovic, Matthew E. Wise, and John Shilling

The Flawed Stratagem in the Fertile Crescent: The Fiasco of the War in Iraq & Its Implications for American Foreign Policy, Akashdeep Singh

The Relationship Between Physical Fitness and Psychological Well-being, Ashlyn Skogsberg


Steered Molecular Dynamics - Stretching DNA and GNA, Emma Sleeman

When an Emperor Meets a Sleeping Giant: How the United States helped unravel radicalized Shinto, Noah Edward Thomas

Chloroquine and its Effects on K562 Cells, Sarah Elizabeth Thornton

The School of the Americas; Foreign Policy in Latin America, Edgar Vazquez

Benefits of Psychology in Legal Education and Career, Auburn Raquell Wise

America's Grand Experiment: US Politics and the Creation of American Election Campaigns, 1790-1830, Julia Zellie

Theses/Dissertations from 2013

How Prohibition Affected America, John Edward Dalton

What Goes in your Tummy Should be Yummy, Ellen Catherine Dexter

A Heart Unpacked: Coming to terms With a Reconstructed Life, Jamie Dugas

Therapy Options Available for Family Members of Individuals with Alcoholism, Brenda Fasse

The Journey from Mexico’s Far North to America’s Southwest: Hispanics in the American Southwest 1850 - 1910, Andrew Figueroa Jr

The Yeast Mating Scaffold Ste5 Exhibits Evolutionary Specialization, Jonathan Alex Flores

Larger Than Life: The Making of the Reagan Legend, David Stanley Jaynes

Effect of Glycerol as a Crowding Agent on Lysis Solubility of Putative Toxin BC 2332 Found in Bacillus Cereus, Jeremiah Jensen

Mythopoeia, David LaFore

Faery Bones and Other Poems: Gracie's Story, Ciara Lyn Laing

The Perfect Heroine, The Selfish Nymph, and the Two Sisters Who Wrote Them, Monica Hruby Logan

Effects of Reality Television on Perceptions of Violence and Sexual Undertones, Kathryn Amber Neeck

Predicted Deleterious Missense Mutations and Their Contributions to the Threshold Hypothesis in the Non-Down Syndrome AVSD Population, Robyn Neimann


The Use of Molecular Dynamics to Predict the Stability of Squaraine Rotaxanes, Ruth Nelson, Jeffrey Baumes, Richard D. Connell, Ivan Murgu, Allen Oliver, Bradley Smith, and Andrew Johnson

Discerning Shakespeare Through the Succession Crisis, Robert Lee Perkinson

A View from the Other Side: Russia, China, and the Vietnam War, Daniel Pershall

At the End of the World: An Exploration of World War I and the Poetry that Witnessed It, Indigo Recker

2013 II CU SURI (Common Poster), Vanessa Selimovic, Loriann Reese, Ruthie Nelson, Emma Sleeman, Hibery Ho, and Maria Polozova


Exploration of the Structural and Energetic Landscape of Glycol Nucleic Acids, Emily A. Sleeman

Vitelline Artery Ligation as an Experimental Method for Manipulating Hemodynamics in the Early Embryonic Chick Heart, Victoria Marie Talbutt

The Sexual Harassment of Men and Women A Comparative Study of Gender Differences, Jennifer Whitney

Theses/Dissertations from 2012

Famous Potatoes: the Impact of Potatoes on the History of the World, Marika R. Adams

First Sexual Encounter: A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Adolescent Behaviors in Austria and America, Kailey Michelle Anderson

Uniting the Grassroots: Defining the New Monastic Movement, Geoffrey Franklin Balke

The Early Church and Care for the Destitute Sick: Theology in Thought and Action in the First Through Fourth Centuries, Laurin C. Becker

Converging Patterns: Similar Voting Behavior Between Neo-Nazis and Neoconservatives, Samuel Belisle

The Narrative Movement: Rethinking Biblical Exegesis, Jonathan Richard Durkopp

So the Nazis Won't Know We Were Here, Dylan Evanston

Tea: A Way of Intentionality for Faith, Michael William Kuhn

A Correlational Analysis on Materialism, Life Satisfaction, and Self-Esteem Among Undergraduates, Zackary Madison

Shepherd-Kings, Waverly Ann Peterson

Organic Honeybush Tea and Other Stories, April Powers

A Word-Person Talks Body Language: Nonverbal Communication in Society, Bethany P. Quesnell

Defending the Gothic Theme of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Emily Jean Scroggs

The Effects of Companion Animals and the Benefit which Ensues: Animals Helping Human Happiness, Kelsey Marie Silva

Isabetta Gallo’s Diary, Danielle Rose Taylor

The Apocatastasis: The Hope that All Will Be Restored in Christ, Douglas Vitro

The Aftermath of Job; The Viewpoint of the Replacements, Jeriann Watkins

Prognostic Significance of FLT3 and NPM1 Mutations in Acute Myeloid Leukemia, Breanna Wentz

Theses/Dissertations from 2011

The Space Race and the Cold War, 1945-1969, Cassandra Carver

Beervana: A Conversation with the Enlightened: How the Craft Brewing Industry of Portland Catalyzed a Culture, Daniel Charuhas

Life is a Gift: An Analysis of the Death Penalty and Human Rights in the Developing World, Erika A. Doremus

Removal of the Histidine Purification Tag of Putative Toxin Protein BC_2332 found in Bacillus Cereus, Related to Bacillus Anthracis, via Proteolytic Cleavage, Joanna Fridlund

Progress Toward Removal of the Purification Tag in a Putative Toxin Protein via Site-Specific Mutagenesis and Proteolytic Cleavage, Joanna L. Fridlund, Bethany G. Taylor, and Michael H. Godsey

Effects of Educational Background on Clothing Selection, Personal Appearance, and Perceived Physical Attractiveness, Dusti A. Garrison

Disarmed Japan: Article 9 and the Self-Defense Forces, David Gerkman

Development of a Novel GC/MS Method for the Detection of Nicotinamide and Activity of ADP-Ribosylating Toxins, Lindsay Lermo


Development of a Novel GC/MS Method for the Detection of Nicotinamide and Activity of ADP-Ribosylating Toxins, Lindsay R. Lermo, Thomas O. Munson, and Michael H. Godsey

Tidal Pull, Chantelle Meyer

Charnel Bonds, Benjamin Jacob Miller

The Chicana Struggle, Tracy Miskovich

Alcoholics Anonymous Construed Through Positive Psychology, Sara I. Newberry

The Effect of Maternal Low Protein Diet on Rat Renal Organic Anion Transporter 1, Jacob Pearson

Monsters and Curls, Magdalena Pesanti

Root Acid Invertase Activity in a Transgenic Maize Isoline, Luke Reyes

Ken Kesey and the Complete Female, Cassondra Elizabeth Shaw

The History of Mary Eliana Grey, a Woman, Megan V. Smith

Bipolar Disorder and the Creative Process in Visual Artists, Kimberly M. Steele

Removal of the Purification Tag in Putative Toxin Protein BC_2332 from Bacillus Cereus via Site-Specific Mutagenesis and Restriction Enzyme Cutting, Bethany Grace Taylor