Date of Award


Document Type

Non Thesis

Degree Name

Master of Arts in Education




Differentiated Instruction

Capstone Instructor

Dr. Brian Boothe

Second Reader

Dr. Tosca Grimm


achievement gap, differentiation, inclusive classroom, math instruction


The achievement gap between high-achieving and low-performing students has long been documented in the United States. Little, if any, efforts have proven effective in narrowing this gap. The goal of this research analysis was to identify whether technology can be used to effectively differentiate math content for students and increase achievement, thereby closing the achievement gap in American schools. The results of the studies investigated were clear that technology can be an effective method for math differentiation and can help lower-performing students accelerate their learning, in some cases even surpassing their higher-achieving peers. Technology, when used correctly to differentiate in elementary classrooms, can be used to assist in narrowing the achievement gap. Further research studies must be done to clarify which apps provide the best differentiation and highest achievement gains for students.