The Sword


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Jay Weiler



Front Page

  • Snow Daze: The In-and-Outs of Snow Emergencies at Concordia


  • CBOL Graduate Program
  • Professor Spotlight: Dr. Suzanne Hequet
  • Student Senate: An Update
  • It's a Slam Dunk - Don't Drive Drunk: Concordia Athletes Star in Award-Winning Video Against Drunk Driving


  • Leaping for Success: Elyea-Wheeler's Pole Vaulting Takes Track Team to New Heights
  • Dirt, Sod, and Clay, Oh My: Baseball Preview
  • Male Athlete of the Month: Cordell Smith
  • Men's Basketball: Building Team Chemistry to Finish the Season Strong
  • Female Athlete of the Month: Rachel Hansen
  • Women's Basketball: Fighting for First in the Conference

Arts and Variety

  • Art Student Spotlight: Derek Bressler
  • Cate Vermeland: An Artist's Quest to Find Voice in a Technological World
  • Food Review: Mancini's Char House-Traditional Dining with an Old School Twist
  • The Best Things in Life are Free: Teresa Schier's Voice Recital
  • I, Frankenstein Movie Review

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