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Master of Arts

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Dr. Robert DeWerff

Reader (Advisor 2)

Dr. Roberta Poetsch


The purpose of this paper was to conduct a feasibility study to determine whether the starting of a quality preschool program, at the Rochester Pentecostal Church/School, would be of benefit to southeast Rochester. Among the questions to be answered were: What are the community's childcare needs in southeast Rochester? How will the preschool affect the present educational organization at the Rochester Pentecostal School? What is the existing supply of care in southeast Rochester? What is the current cost of care? What elements are present in a quality early childhood program?

To accomplish the above purpose, an assessment survey was mailed to the families of the Rochester Pentecostal Church to find out if there is a need for a preschool program and what criteria is important in choosing a program for their children. Existing preschools in Rochester were visited to see what ages of children they are serving and if they feel a need exists for childcare in Rochester. Existing regulatory agencies were contacted in order to meet licensing regulations. A literature search was conducted to determine what elements are present in a quality preschool program.

There is a need in southeast Rochester for another preschool program. Starting a preschool would be of benefit to the Rochester Pentecostal Church/School program and would promote its mission statement. Although the starting of a preschool program would be a challenging undertaking, it would be a feasible addition to the education system of the Rochester Pentecostal Church/School.


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