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Master of Arts


Family Life Education

Capstone Committee Member (Advisor 1)

Jackie Mosqueda

Capstone Committee Member (Advisor 2)

David Brusehoff


This capstone project introduces a curriculum for Family Life Educators and other professionals who work with pregnant teenagers as well as their male co-parent. The focus of the curriculum is to provide young teenage parents with the necessary skills to build strong families. The concentration is to help the teenage mother and father continue to have a healthy relationship and effective communication, even if they are not committed to each other and to reflect a positive family support system in the upbringing of their new child.

It was found that there were very little curricula available that would focus on both the teenage mother and the father of the child. Included in this curriculum is information on healthy pregnancies, how the father can help, effective communication, relationship building, infant and child development, self-evaluation, health care, self-sufficiency, decision-making, conflict resolution, infant care, overcoming stress, and quality childcare.


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