Date of Award


Document Type

Non Thesis

Degree Name

Master of Arts in Education




Early Childhood Education

Capstone Instructor

Sue Starks

Second Reader

Cecelia Westby


early childhood education, positive verbal environment, communication, nonverbal communication, developmentally appropriate practices


Positive verbal environments that early childhood educators create and maintain with children define quality in early childhood education programs. Early childhood educators must be trained and educated on the important impact that a positive verbal environment has on a child's self-esteem and overall development and the contribution it has on a child's social and school success. As professionals we must set goals and learn and establish skills and dispositions needed to achieve those goals. Positive verbal environments as one of those goals explores the importance of self-esteem, knowledge of child development, developmentally appropriate practices and positive guidance that establish the framework to creating meaningful interactions with children. Techniques include verbal and hon verbal communication, positive regard, relaxed availability, and respectful relationships.


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