Influence of solid ankle foot orthoses on plantar pressure mapping in pediatric patients with hindfoot equinovarus

Date of Award

Spring 5-4-2024

Document Type

Non Thesis

Degree Name

Master of Science in Orthotics and Prosthetics



First Advisor

Amy Funke


In the realm of orthotic intervention for the pediatric population, there are varying opinions on when to brace or not to brace, and every diagnosis presents its own complication to the discussion. This study provided vital statistical data pertaining to pediatric patients afflicted with hindfoot equinovarus deformity, by identifying levels of improvement to functional mobility and positional correction of the calcaneus brought about by treatment with a solid ankle foot orthosis. Although no resolute answer exists to whether a solid ankle foot orthosis (AFO) should always be used in the case of hindfoot equinovarus presentation in pediatric patients, the level of correction achieved and benefits in functional mobility brought forth after treatment with the device suggests that providers ought to heavily consider this type of orthotic treatment for their patients.

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