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Training Tracking System Proposal: Multnomah County Emergency Management

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Restricted Access Practicum


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Homeland Security & Emergency Management

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Homeland Security, BS


The Multnomah County Emergency Management (MCEM), located in Portland, Oregon, is dedicated to preparing for disasters through scheduled training, exercises, community engagement, building community resilience, and collaboration with stakeholders. MCEM’s mission is “working together to build resilient communities” (MCEM, 2018, p.1). MCEM works with preparedness partners in the public sector, private sector, and non-profit/volunteer organizations, to coordinate a collaborative effort within Multnomah County and create a resilient community through strong plans and policies, exercises, and training. Training opportunities are “designed to increase disaster resilience and response readiness across Multnomah County in preparation for potential emergencies and/or disasters” (MCEM Training and Exercise, 2018, p.1).

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