CUP Undergraduate Research


Communications Interoperability Project Proposal

Date of Award

Fall 12-12-2019

Document Type

Restricted Access Practicum


School of Management


Homeland Security & Emergency Management

Degree Name

Homeland Security, BS


Communications interoperability continues to present challenges across the United States as first responders converge on unique and dynamic incidents. The terrorist events of September 11th 2001 painfully exposed major holes in our nations radio communication interoperability (Corporation, 2001). First responders could not effectively communicate with each other. From that point forward, municipalities began to rethink their tactics and polices in order to improve cross communication amongst first responders. For the County of Orange, the radio system in place supports interoperability, which is the goal, but yet agencies continue to experience issues on multiple fronts. In assessing these issues more thoroughly and methodically, the issues became clearer. Through first hand interviews, review of after-action reports, and assessing the culture throughout the region, an overall picture materialized. In identifying and assessing the challenges at hand, formalization of objectives and a strategic plan took shape. By taking the recommended course of action, communications interoperability could be taken to new levels and enhance response efforts by first responders.

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