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Master of Arts in Education




Educational Leadership

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Dr. Danielle Thompson

Second Reader

Dr. Brian Boothe


Teachers of color, cultural synchronicity, recruit, retain, racial literacy, equity


This paper will address the question: how can we efficiently recruit and retain teachers of color? The purpose of this paper is to address and emphasize the imperative need for teachers of color in the modern-day classroom. This paper will discuss the increased efforts that are being made to place and retain teachers of color in the modern-day classroom, emphasizing their crucial role in fostering equitable and inclusive learning environments. In light of what is known about pedagogy in the contemporary educational setting, one way educators can lead equitably and inclusively in order to positively impact student development and learning is by increasing the diversity of the teacher body in our schools. Additionally, it will highlight the positive impacts of teachers of color on all students, regardless of their backgrounds. Through an analysis of recruitment and retention models, the paper will offer insights into sustaining a diverse teaching force over the long term.

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