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Non Thesis

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Master of Arts in Special Education




Special Education with Autism Spectrum Disorder Licensure

Capstone Instructor

Dr. Mandy Kasowicz

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Dr. Diane Harr


Mindfulness, Occupational Stress, Burnout, Resilience, Well-being


Educators are asked to do more tasks every school year. It can be difficult to maintain boundaries and continue feeling like an effective educator, with the demands of everyday teaching. This paper examined how the use of mindfulness, as an individual, assists educators in avoiding burnout. The resources used were a mix of qualitative, quantitative, quasi-experimental, meta-analyses, and mixed methods focusing on strategies and reasons educators should use stress-reducing techniques in their personal lives to help with occupational stress. The conclusion of the research gathered showed the use of mindfulness benefited educators and school systems by reducing absenteeism, reducing healthcare costs, and reducing teacher turnover (Harris & Bostain, 2021). As administrators add mindfulness into professional development, educators have space to create the balance.

Keywords: Mindfulness practice, Burnout, Occupational stress, Resilience

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