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Non Thesis

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Master of Arts in Education




Differentiated Instruction

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Professor Brian Boothe, Ed. D.

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Tosca Grimm, Ed. D.


The Multiple Intelligences Theory, identification, development, motivation, academic achievement


Teachers have the seemingly impossible task of providing instruction that meets the needs of each learner in their classrooms. In their quest to provide quality instruction for all, many teachers have started to implement the Multiple Intelligences Theory into their lessons. Several studies have been analyzed to understand how intelligences can be identified and developed in students and how proper implementation of this theory can affect students’ motivational levels and academic achievement. The studies showed that when students are aware of their own strongest intelligences and/or their teachers are aware, they are able to develop the intelligences to a higher level. The studies also showed how this knowledge, along with teachers utilizing the Multiple Intelligences Theory in classrooms, improved the motivational levels of the students as well as their academic performance. This research indicated that teachers should educate themselves on the intelligences in order to provide their students with an education catered to their needs. Further research is needed to create a broader body of knowledge for teachers to draw from.

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