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Non Thesis

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Master of Arts in Education




Educational Leadership

Capstone Instructor

Dr. Teresa Tyler

Second Reader

Dr. Oluwatoyin Akinde Fakuajo


authentic, facilitator, interdisciplinary, problem-based learning, 21st-century skills


As educators continue to promote student achievement in an ever-changing world, continual review and adjustment of teaching practices are necessary. Incorporating problem-based learning (PBL) can provide opportunities for students to develop 21st-century skills while engaging them in authentic learning experiences. In order to be effective, educators must thoughtfully consider and develop the conditions that best promote the success of PBL and understand the expected impacts on student achievement. Research in school settings suggests that certain conditions promote the effective implementation of PBL, and a variety of student impacts can be expected. PBL experiences can show success when the situation is open-ended, related to real-life, and includes multiple disciplines. Students that experience PBL can show improved attitudes, behaviors, satisfaction, creativity, collaboration skills, research abilities, vocabulary development, communication skills, and overall achievement. Some negative impacts can also occur with the use of PBL. Studies note difficulties accessing resources or information, confusing and noisy classrooms, difficulties transitioning away from direct instruction, and delays in results.