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Master of Arts in Education




Educational Leadership

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Prof. Dorothy Bialke

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Dr. Sara Kellogg


physical activity, on-task behaviors, academic achievement, classroom breaks


With the increased focus of education being on teaching to the standardized tests, students have decreased opportunities for reaching their physical activity needs within the daily rigors of the school day. As a result of more classroom instruction time, off-task behaviors and obesity levels are on the rise while teachers are struggling to find teaching strategies that keep students engaged in the classroom. The purpose of this literature review was to analyze the implications that classroom physical activity breaks can have on on-task behaviors, increase physical activity within the normal school day, and improve student academic achievement. On-task behaviors were improved with the implementation of scheduled, short (five to ten minutes) physical activity breaks on a daily basis, as a result students overall academic achievement also improved. Additionally, students increased their overall physical activity levels throughout the day. When implemented correctly, short physical activity breaks that are scheduled into classroom learning can have a positive impact on on-task behaviors, physical activity levels, and overall academic achievement.

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