Meghan McKee Lehman

Meghan McKee Lehman


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Meghan McKee Lehman


Cole Steinberg


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Baby Boom Generation (1946-1964)


Merriam Park

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Oral History

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Merriam Park, Saint Paul, 1961


Oral History | Psychology


BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION: Meghan McKee Lehman is a Caucasian female born on April 3rd, 1961. She lived with her mother, father, and two sisters growing up. Lehman’s father was a mortician. Her mother was a teacher. Lehman is Catholic. SUBJECTS DISCUSSED: Lehman describes her family structure, her parents' jobs, and mealtimes. She goes on to describe the comfortable life that was provided by her parents. Lehman talks about how religion was important to her upbringing and community. She describes how faith is still important to her. How it brings happiness, a sense of simple times, and valuing family and the church community. Lehman fondly reflects on her neighborhood: block parties, Christmas caroling, ice rinks, and other sports played by the kids. She describes the freedom kids had to roam around on their bikes after school before dinner time. She talks about her love of music and friends she has stayed in touch with. Lehman touches on some events that happened locally and globally: an abortion clinic in highland, inflation and rising gas prices, and changes around St. Thomas. Lastly, Lehman reflects on the values she learned through her parents and how she encourages that in her own children.

Meghan McKee Lehman



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