Janina Cich

Janina Cich


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Janina Cich


Cole Steinberg


Landmark Associates


Generation X (1965-1980)


Maple Grove

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Oral History

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Maple Grove, Minneapolis, 1966


Oral History | Psychology


BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION: Janina Ann Cich is a female Caucasian born in December 1966. She lived with her father, mother, sister, and brother in Maple Grove, Minnesota. Her father worked in law enforcement and her mother was a stay-at-home mom. Cich grew up Catholic. SUBJECTS DISCUSSED: Cich describes her family life, growing up as the oldest of three kids. She recalls visiting nearby relatives frequently and forming a distant yet meaningful bond with her German relatives who would visit during summers. Cich talks about her family's past pets, including a springer spaniel named Stanislaus and a white kitten named Snowball. Cich goes on to talk about how household chores were divided. Cich discusses the influence of her family's economic status on her childhood and spending habits today. She mentions that she perceived her economic situation as normal, similar to others in the neighborhood, and they enjoyed activities like trips, camping, and visiting relatives. Cich reflects on her family's frugality, instilled by her mother's upbringing during difficult times in Germany. Cich mentions being mindful of spending and not feeling deprived, as her parents taught them to value what they had and make thoughtful decisions regarding purchases. Cich discusses her family's religious background as Catholics and her strong involvement with the Catholic Church. She talks about her father becoming a deacon, leading to even deeper engagement with the church community. Cich talks about being influenced by her parents' strong Catholic beliefs, also became a catechism teacher, and remained devoted to her faith for many years. Cich goes on to talk about how she still holds core Catholic values and beliefs, but she is critical of certain aspects of the church's administration. Cich shares what it was like to grow up in a safe and close-knit neighborhood, where residents respected each other's property and looked out for one another. She talks about shared values of respect, politeness, honesty, and accountability, creating a harmonious and caring community. Cich describes her leisure activities during childhood, including spending time at the park reserve, going on family vacations to cabins, and volunteering as a family at the church fair or festival. Cich recalls engaging in outdoor activities with friends, attending school events together, and hanging out at the mall. Cich recounts her schooling experience. Cich talks about participating in various after-school activities like sports and dance line and enjoyed socializing with friends during homeroom and exchanging notes at lockers. Cich also recalls fond memories of certain teachers, particularly her German, geography, and math teachers. Lastly, Cich reflects on local and global issues.

Janina Cich



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