Chuck Doxey

Chuck Doxey


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Chuck Doxey


Julie Luker


Natalie Gonzalez


Generation Z/iGen (1997-2010)


Multiple Minneapolis

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Oral History

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Multiple Minneapolis, Plymouth, North Minneapolis, Orono, 2004


Oral History | Psychology


BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION: Chuck Doxey is a mixed Caucasian and Mexican male born on January 11, 2004. He was raised by his biological dad, stepdad, and biological mother. His biological father was a computer programmer, and his mother was a hairstylist. Doxey grew up in several neighborhoods within Minneapolis, such as Plymouth, Wayzata, Maple Plain, and North Minneapolis. He was raised Lutheran but participated in several Catholic practices. SUBJECTS DISCUSSED: Doxey begins the interview by discussing visiting his family in Mexico. He explains his family's reaction to the difference between living in Minnesota and Mexico. Doxey reminisces on the pets he had growing up, such as his beloved cat and Australian shepherd coyote mix. He then explains his relationship with religion and how his Catholic mother baptized him in Mexico. Doxey fondly recalls attending Twins games with his biological father and taking the light train to the stadium. He mentions his grade 9 English teacher, Mrs. Balon-Peck, and how influential she was to the theater department of Orono High School. Doxey concludes his interview by sharing the story of a young girl getting shot by a stray bullet and how that impacted his view on what could be deemed as a safe neighborhood.

Chuck Doxey



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