David Doubek

David Doubek


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David Doubek


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Baby Boom Generation (1946-1964)



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Oral History

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Jordan, Minneapolis, 1954


Oral History | Psychology


BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION: David Doubek is a white male born on December 8, 1954. He lived with his father, mother, older brother, and younger sister in the Jordan neighborhood. His father had an office job in construction. His mother worked at Dayton’s full time after the kids were in grade school. Doubek grew up Catholic but no longer identifies as Catholic. SUBJECTS DISCUSSED: Doubek discusses his family life and upbringing. He explains that he grew up without an extended family in the Twin Cities, as his parents originated from northeast Iowa but later moved to Minneapolis when he was two. He talks about the supportive relationship his family had with their neighborhoods. Doubek discusses financial constraints in the early years of his childhood. Despite those challenges his parents were able to provide for their basic needs. Doubek emphasizes that they never lacked essentials, always having sufficient clothing, warmth, and love. He talks about the support of his neighbors. He talked about if families faced financial challenges, the community came together to help one another. Doubek reflects that these experiences instilled in him a deep appreciation for money, relationships, and community. Doubek shares a bit about his religious upbringing. He mentions that he is no longer Catholic. Next, Doubek shares more about his neighborhood. He goes into playing ball, swimming, and exploring on his bike. He talks about the values instilled by his family around respect for others that was shared by his neighbors. He shares a story of a local TV show that the neighborhood kids watched and could see in person. Doubek reflects on his experience with schooling during his childhood. He recounts attending a Catholic grade school where multiple grade levels were taught in the same classroom. He talks about the teachers being able to adeptly aim chalkboard erasers at him when he misbehaved. Lastly, on talking on local and global issues, Doubek shares a story of a friend who passed away during the Vietnam War and how that affected him and his friends. He also talks about the racial tension and riots that happened in the cities.

David Doubek



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