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Brooke Steigauf




  • CSP Adopts New Building
  • An Allergy Shot that Costs More than a Year's Salary
  • #MeToo Anniversary, #HimToo Beginnings
  • Live Him: Beautiful Feet 2018
  • New Social Credit System in China
  • Birds Got Their Colorful Eggs From Dinosaurs
  • Canada Becomes Second Country to Legalize Marijuana
  • Minnesota's Gubernatorial Election: The Run-Down on Who's Running
  • It's a Marvelous Life: A Tribute to Stan Lee
  • Fact-Checking Trump's Birthright Dilemma
  • Harry Potter and the Night at the Library
  • First Avenue Takes Over Ownership of St Paul's Fitzgerald Theatre
  • Discover Nature Near You: Afton State Park
  • Controversial Giant Telescope to be Built on Hawaiian Volcano
  • 1940's Anti-Semitism Seeps Into Today's Evil
  • Money Doesn't Buy Happiness... Or Does It?
  • Mail Bomb Suspect Had 100 Potential Targets
  • Inventor of the Green Bean Casserole Passes Away


  • Legalizing Marijuana: The Great Green Boom
  • Campus Activities
  • Best Thanksgiving Food
  • Finals Week Self-Care for Dummies
  • Trump's Efforts to end Birthright Citizenship--Is It Constitutional?
  • PSA: Go Get Your Flu Shot!
  • The Need for Net Neutrality: Banning Would Hurt More Than Just Small Company Wallets
  • Stereotyping: A Problem We Will Never Solve
  • Election Security
  • Why Turkey is the Worst Food at Thanksgiving
  • Voting for the First Time: It's Easier Than You Think!
  • Why Are Certain Apps So Addictive?
  • Standardizing Testing is Failing Our Students
  • Trump and Tent Cities
  • Victoria's Secret
  • The Rise of Antisemitism and How to Prevent It


  • Football Recap: A Memorable Season
  • Derrick Rose: The Rose That Blossomed Twice
  • Men's and Women's Cross-Country Season Comes to an End
  • Female Athlete of the Month: Anna Schmitt
  • Male Athlete of the Month: Chris Garrett
  • Men's Basketball Looks to Build on Strong Start
  • Women's Basketball Looks to Heat Up
  • New and Old Faces Shine for CSP Golf

Arts and Variety

  • NATS 2018: CSP Students Participate in Singing Competition
  • FEBO Performance Recap
  • Upcoming CSP Theatre Productions
  • Egypt's Sunken Cities
  • Harrowing Adventures of Sabrina
  • 35 Years and Counting: The Duffy Gallery
  • Play Review: Noises Off
  • Book Review: Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking
  • Writer Spotlight: Cristopher Gibson
  • Music Spotlight: Meghan Larson
  • Theatre Spotlight: Who is Chelsea Wolf?
  • Music Review: Paul McCartney, Egypt Station
  • Art in the Cities: Kinngait Studios-Printmaking in the Arctic Circle
  • Artist Spotlight: Alanna Pleasants
  • Food Review: Day By Day Cafe
  • Movie Review: Bohemian Rhapsody-Is This Real Life? Is This Just Fantasy?
  • Horoscopes

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