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Mara Grau




  • Panic Spreads Around the World with New Respiratory Illness Known as the Coronavirus;
  • Starving Lions in Sudan;
  • Microsoft Announces Carbon Pledge;
  • 376,000 Minnesotans Go Hungry: How President Trump's Food Stamp Cuts Will Affect Americans and Minnesotans;
  • St. Paul Firefighter, Sarah Reasoner, Named Fifth Strongest in the Nation;
  • US Navy Aircraft Carrier Named After African American Pearl Harbor Hero;
  • Virginia Gun Control Confusion;
  • The New York Times Endorses Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar;
  • LEGO Markets to Adults;


  • How Well Do University Campuses Treat Mental Illness?;
  • Hillary Clinton Looms Over 2020 Election Like a High School Has-Been;
  • Politics in Awards Shows;
  • Cancel Culture Among Young People;
  • The Benefits of Youth Sports;
  • Why Videogames are Beneficial for Children;
  • Google and YouTube Censorship;
  • Supreme Court Term Limits;


  • Women's Lacrosse Team Ready to Take On Their Fourth Season;
  • CSP Women's Basketball Update;
  • CSP Esports Begins Preparation for Spring Competitions;
  • Golden Bears Softball Preview;
  • Future of Minnesota Wild Remains Uncertain;
  • Twins Sign Josh Donaldson to Four-Year Contract;
  • Timberwolves in Free Fall as NBA Trade Deadline Approaches;

Arts and Variety:

  • Music Spotlight: Becca Tutewohl;
  • Theatre & Dance Preview;
  • Concordia and H. Williams Galleries;
  • Music Review: The Jupiter Tape;
  • Book Review: Scythe;
  • The Coolest Celebration on Earth;
  • Bad Bad Hats Return Home;
  • Theatre/Dance Spotlight: Grace Keck;

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