The Sword


Publication Date


Editor in Chief

Brooke Steigauf



Front Matter

  • Letter From the Editor


  • Club Spotlight: Ignite Leadership Program
  • Expanding Concordia: The Brand New Nursing Program
  • Faculty Spotlight: Kendra Saal
  • The Smartwatch Craze: Do Fitness Monitors Increase Fitness?
  • Are America's Recent Natural Disasters Normal? Why This Year's Natural Disasters May Seem So Catastrophic
  • North Korean Missile Crisis Continues to Heat Up
  • Reformation Heritage Lecture: After 500 Years, Does Lutheranism Still Matter?
  • Service Learning Opportunities: Experience College Like a Road Trip


  • September Male Athlete of the Month: Darnell Rolle
  • Female Athlete of the Month: Sara Macek
  • Tips and Tricks to Winning Fantasy Football
  • Year Two in the Currier Era: Building on the Rock
  • Ode to Kos
  • Cross Country Bursts Out of the Gate to Start the Season
  • Golden Bear Bus Varland Shines in High Profile Summer League


  • Does Social Media Fulfill the Humanly Need for Communication?
  • Technology Use in Relationships: Damaging or Fueling?
  • Friends in High Places: The Modern State of Local Media

Arts and Variety

  • Book Review: Depression and Other Magic Tricks
  • Movie Review: Ingrid Goes West
  • Music Review: Lil Uzi Vert's Luv is Rage 2
  • Theater Spotlight: Alex Johnson
  • Art Spotlight: Lily Dittmer's Collection, "Redacted"
  • The Pizza that Packs a Punch: Pizza Review
  • Art in the Cities: Anne Collier's "Women with Cameras (Self Portrait)"

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