The Influence of Incentives: Within Collegiate Level Volleyball



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Degree Name

Master of Arts



First Advisor

Dr. Ryan Hubbard

Second Advisor

Dr. Lana Huberty


Coaching athletes involves various styles and techniques aimed at maximizing performance. An underexplored area within coaching is the influence of positive and negative incentives on a team performance. This study focuses on assessing the impact of incentives on a collegiate women's volleyball team. While incentives are widely used in various fields such as criminology, psychology, and behavioral sciences their application in sports remains relatively unexplored. Drawing on previous research, this study aims to fill this gap by investigating how positive and negative incentives affect athlete performance. The study involves conducting skills tests with and without incentives and analyzing the results. Statistical analysis will be used to compare performance across different incentive conditions. The findings will contribute to understanding the effectiveness of incentive-based coaching techniques and inform practice strategies for coaches. The study also underscores the need for further research to enhance coaching practices and optimize athlete performance. Ethical considerations, limitations, and recommendations for future research are also discussed. Overall, this study seeks to advance knowledge in sports coaching by exploring the influence of incentives on athlete performance in collegiate women's volleyball.

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