Importance of Club and Summer Wrestling in Alaska



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Non Thesis

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Master of Arts



First Advisor

Linh Castro

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Ryan Hubbard


High school athletics has a different landscape compared to what it was in the 1990’s and early 2000’s. Student athletes were able to be a three or four sport athlete, and still be able to compete at the college level. Now student athletes need to specialize in one sport, and train that specific sport year-round to be able to compete in college. States like Alaska are catching up to this idea of year-round training opportunities that were not available in the past, and because of that there has been much more success at the national level specifically in the sport of wrestling. The athletes that are taking advantage of the off-season training and Team Alaska wrestling camps are the ones who are placing at state level events and are seeing continued success at the collegiate level. This project was focused on the high school wrestlers that competed during the high school wrestling season in Alaska. There were two groups involved within the research. Group one was those individuals that trained in wrestling year-round, and those who did only the high school wrestling season. Those who participated in Team Alaska Summer camps and did year-round wrestling training saw more success than those who only wrestled during the high school season.

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