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I completed an eight-week professional sport experience with the Minnesota Twins in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The sport experience consisted of both weekly sessions where our cohort was introduced to 19 guest speakers who hold different roles within the Twins organization and shadowing experience in different departments. My shadowing experiences consisted of guest services, ballpark operations, and ballpark tours. I was able to see first-hand how guest services respond to different situations that occur, such as re-seating guests who were unable to sit in their ticketed seats. I was hopeful to build confidence in myself to find a role within sports and to get a better understanding of all the different opportunities that could be potential career fits. As a result of this program, I am leaning towards a path within the community engagement route, as I thoroughly enjoy doing good for others and giving back. I am incredibly thankful for this professional sports experience for the incredible opportunities and lifelong connections made with the staff at Target Field.