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Master of Arts


Kinesiology and Health Sciences

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Lana Huberty


Intercollegiate athletic competitions have been taking place for well over 150 years. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) was created to oversee and regulate member school athletic competitions. The NCAA has three athletic divisions, Division I, II, and III. The NCAA currently hosts eighty-nine championships each year. This writing focuses on one of those contests, the NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Final Four. In particular, this writing focuses on the 75th Anniversary Division I Men's Basketball Final Four held in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2013. Specifically, this writing looks at what it takes to become a host city for the contest, how a host city is chosen, how the host city will put together a successful team to market and promote the contest, and the plan to fulfill the NCAA mission as well as the mission of the event itself. The host city committee strives to ensure attendees of the NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Final Four enjoy a weekend of basketball games, safety, and other activities while giving back to the host city through this major sporting event.