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Master of Arts


Kinesiology and Health Sciences

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Angela Musk


The effects of the International Olympic Committee's decision to remove wrestling from the Olympic rotation are undeniable. In addition to exposing the then fragile state of wrestling, on a worldwide level, the "coming together" and rebuilding has led to many new positive changes as well as possibilities for more changes at the collegiate level, NCAA, in the United States. The NCAA, and NCAA wrestling in particular, is very adept to change and so a change of this stature would not be unheard of. The NCAA Division I Individual Wrestling Championships is already quite successful and this capstone looks into the potential of the NCAA using the popularity of the individual championships to "piggyback" the dual portion of the NCAA Championships. The thesis of this capstone will be the effects of wrestling's near removal from the Olympic rotation as well as the positive implications of combining the individual and dual events of the Division I NCAA Wrestling Championship Tournament.