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Degree Name

Master of Arts

Chairperson (Advisor 1)

Dr. Richard Brynteson

Reader (Advisor 2)

Donna Grover


The purpose of this synthesis activity is to provide a teaming organization mentoring template to be used by the Gonda Outpatient Sedation Center (GSC) planning committee and the anesthesia management team of the facility. The goal is to provide these two groups with a theoretical background of teaming organizations, to outline specific values, concepts and techniques that they can implement in both the planning phase and the actual management of the facility after it opens. This paper is also intended as a mentorship tool for the anesthesia leadership team and as a learning tool for Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Healthcare Organization (JCAHO) accreditation.

The structure of this synthesis activity is intended to enable the reader to link the learning organization model to the entity that will become the GSC in three ways; by exploring learning organization theory, not as an exhaustive review but as a brief overview intended to provide the management team with a fundamental understanding of learning organization's; by understanding how design can enable learning and teamwork; and, by understanding that all phases of planning must be predicated on creating a learning organization culture. Also included are the specific JCAHO and sedation guidelines that the GSC staff will need to use as they operate the facility. The final part of this activity is to describe a learning template that could be used by the management team of the GSC to move a team from a hierarchical structure to a learning organization culture.


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