A Formative Evaluation of the Supervisory Leadership Series (SLS) Program



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Degree Name

Master of Arts

Chairperson (Advisor 1)

Dr. Charles Nuckles

Reader (Advisor 2)

Dr. Richard Brynteson


In 1995 the City of Bloomington Public Works Department implemented a supervisors training program called Supervisory Leadership Series. The initial program was purchased from Wilson Learning Corporation, an Eden Prairie based corporation known world wide for its leadership programs. The program was intended to develop a consistent base of supervisory and leadership skills and to introduce some universal terminology to the thirty-five Public Works supervisors. The program included all supervisors within the department and fifteen non-supervisory employees who participated in a developmental role. A modified version of the program was repeated beginning in late 1999 ending in spring of 2000. Eight new supervisors and twelve supervisor development employees attended this program. This study is an evaluation of the programs impact on the skills used by the Public Works supervisors and the effect on the Public Works Department. In addition, this study will compare the program curriculum with that of similar programs. Recommendations will be made for program modifications and improvements.


This report is to be regarded as confidential, and its use as a sample in future class activities is restricted.

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