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Dr. Kimora Kachelmyer

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Dr. Richard Brynteson


The purpose of this project is to evaluate current trends in long-term care. Particular attention will be paid to the Director of Nursing and current trends and issues that are seen in long-term care. Since the Director of Nursing manages the nursing departments in the long-term care facilities, her role is vital to long-term care.

A survey was developed and mailed to the Directors of Nursing in Minnesota. The sample was taken from a list of long-term care facilities surveyed at least annually by the Minnesota Department of Health.

A survey was sent to the selected sample with the questions focusing on the relationship of the Director of Nursing, longevity, turnover rates, wages, current issues, and education levels. Also included in this survey are questions regarding current areas of concern to a Director of Nursing. Questions in the survey will assist the researcher in drawing conclusions regarding longevity of the Director of Nursing, education levels, and wages compared to the number of beds within the facilities. Attention will be given to current issues the Directors of Nursing are experiencing in long-term care.

The Minnesota Director of Nursing Association (MNDONA) will be provided and will use information from this survey. Information will also be shared and used by the researcher's employer, The Thro Company of Mankato, Minnesota. Information from this survey has already been used on a task force at the legislative level and by The Thro Company in an effort to start an associate degree program for nursing in Mankato.

In order to complete this project, it was necessary to develop and implement a survey called LTC DON Survey. This survey is double sided and includes twelve questions with multiple choice or fill in the blank areas. The survey was designed to be easy to understand and quick to answer.

This project began with the development and implementation of the survey. The researcher used a format of a previous survey that was used by MNDONA approximately five years ago. The researcher wrote a letter to MN DONA requesting the use of their format and survey questions. A reply and verification to use this information came in the way of quarterly minutes from the MNDONA March 2000, board meeting. MNDONA later stated that they would like the researcher to share the results of this survey and other pertinent information with the MNDONA members in the future.

Next, the researcher contacted the Minnesota Department of Health by telephone and requested a list of all long-term care facilities within the state of Minnesota. This list was entered into a data file and was later used to address the envelopes to the Directors of Nursing.

Surveys were sent with a letter of introduction to 435 Directors of Nursing, and the response was positive with 360 surveys returned. The researcher offered the respondents a copy of the survey results upon their request.


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