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Degree Name

Master of Arts

Chairperson (Advisor 1)

Dr. Kimora Kachelmyer

Reader (Advisor 2)

Diane Hinds


With increasing complexity of the health care system, and the insurance industry, it is getting difficult for the average person to navigate through the health care maze. People are surviving longer and disease processes are more complicated. Patient satisfaction and ability to get their concerns and questions answered within the health care system ranges between 80 and 70 percent.

Most patients want to include spirituality in their health care experience and feel it's important. There is a positive correlation between an active faith life, regularly expressed in prayer, and beneficial medical outcomes. And increasing attention drawn to the importance of holistic health.

This study confirms that a parish nurse program would be supported and could bridge the gap between that which is needed by the congregation at Our Saviour's Evangelical Lutheran Church and that which is determined medically necessary through health care reimbursement, while integrating faith in the promotion of health issues.


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