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Master of Arts


Family Life Education

Capstone Committee Member (Advisor 1)

Michael Walcheski

Capstone Committee Member (Advisor 2)

Susan Dion

Capstone Committee Member (Advisor 3)

Trish Anderson


Little research has been done on the effect of applying group work methods to home visiting programs. The in-home modules outlined here attempt to provide abusive parents with a model that is effective. The in-home models used contain different issues that many abusive parents face. They are designed to help the parent learn many new skills, ranging from improved interpersonal skills to improved parent/child relationships. The modules outlined attempt to build on the characteristics and methodology of Structured Learning Group work that applies structured sessions and verbal coaching to help parents learn new skills.

The modules are also based on a family life education model that takes a preventative approach to helping parents. The modules involve the parent in that they empower them. The modules should help parents in an involved way, and the results of the program should improve parents' interpersonal skills, life skills and parenting skills. The objective is to also have the parent have a more positive family life experience. In addition, parent participants should gain greater awareness of the nature of their abusive patterns, and this should help them make long lasting changes in their lives.


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