Date of Award


Document Type

Non Thesis

Degree Name

Master of Arts in Education




Early Childhood Education

Capstone Instructor

Lynn Gehrke

Second Reader

Barbara Schoenbeck


early childhood education, Early Childhood Technology Grant, preschool computer use, study


The use of computer technology in early childhood classrooms has survived several rounds of intense debate related to its appropriateness and effectiveness. The Computer Technology in Early Childhood Classrooms project reviewed literature related to those debates; surveyed the 21 programs that received money from the Early Childhood Technology Grant offered by the Minnesota Department of Children, Families and Learning; examined software evaluation tools and software evaluations; complied lists of resources and websites related to preschool computer use for teacher training colleges, teachers, and parents; and made recommendations related to procurement of equipment, environment and ergonomic concerns, staff in services, and integration of computer use into curriculum for practitioners implementing computer learning centers in preschool classrooms.


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