Date of Award


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Degree Name

Master of Arts in Education



Capstone Instructor

Fred Bartling


youth ministry, confirmation curriculum, Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, LCMS


One of the biggest issues within Youth Ministry in the Missouri Synod is the Confirmation Ministry Program. The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod conducted a study of Confirmation in 1998 (Department of Youth, 1998). This study resulted in an expressed need for more study and resources within this ministry area. The Confirmation study noted that over 76% of the parishes polled haven't changed their program at all in the past five years. It also showed that over 50% of those that run the programs are not satisfied with the program (Department of Youth, 1998). This study showed that people in the synod feel there is a lack of options, education and interest and that confirmation is controlled by tradition. What I am proposing in this project is a new curriculum that will provide flexibility, resources, and options. This project can be adapted into different congregations and will give them several options that speak to the concerns raised within the Board of Youth survey.


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