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Master of Arts

Capstone Coordinator (Advisor 1)

Eugene Bunkowske

Reader (Advisor 2)

Mark Press

Reader (Advisor 3)

James Vehling


The Christmas tradition of Las Posadas is a significant cultural event in the lives of Hispanics and can be used to engage Hispanic people for Christ by connecting the surface elements of the tradition with its deeper spiritual meanings. This paper details the history of this tradition, explains current practice, and includes music and lyrics to the traditional Posada songs. Research throughout the El Paso, Texas, and Juarez, Mexico, region was carried out among secular, Roman Catholic, and Lutheran venues to determine the essential physical and spiritual elements of an authentic celebration of Las Posadas. Survey, interview, and observational results identify these essential elements. Considerations and suggestions for using this celebration as a tool for Christian outreach are given. An adaptation of Las Posadas for a Christ-centered celebration is included. The culmination of this project is a manual containing all the resources necessary for the planning and implementation of Las Posadas.


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