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Bachelor of Arts

Project Coordinator (Advisor 1)

Charlotte Knoche


The purpose of this project was to develop a storage and control program for molds and patterns used by a plastic rotational molding company. The option choice selected was option II. Initially, the program would address the immediate removal of unessential molds and patterns held at the company. Next, would be the development and implementation of a storage and control system for the remaining molds and patterns. Finally, the program would change the policy the company has towards storage and control of these items, both now and more importantly in the future.

The project objectives were broken down into short term and long term objectives. The short-term objectives (two of) were to remove all unnecessary patterns from the Medina storage location and implement a more effective system of storage, control, and identification. The second short-term objective was to remove all unnecessary molds and patterns from the Solar Plastics Minneapolis plant, and initiate an effective tool and pattern storage-tracking program.

The long term objective was to create a tooling and pattern documentation process (policy) at Solar Plastics Corporate that will halt the build up of molds and patterns in storage both at the Minneapolis plant and at the Medina storage facility. These objectives helped to determine the strategic direction of the project as a whole, from beginning to end. The objectives also proved if the hypotheses developed during the project were supported and further provided future recommendations and conclusions.


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