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Bachelor of Arts

Project Coordinator (Advisor 1)

Carl Knoche


The purpose of this project was to survey a sample of the legal community and from that survey develop a specialized training for attorneys. The ultimate goal was to develop a directory of attorneys for the Metro Regional Service Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People (Metro RSC) to use when providing assistance to deaf and some hard of hearing consumers. The directory would include names of attorneys with experience and/or interest in working with deaf and hard of hearing people. Consumers making inquires would have an increased list of resources readily available as a result of a telephone call to the Metro RSC. "His marriage dissolution was painful, more painful than most because he desperately wanted his children and custody wasn't even being litigated. He tried again and again to get his lawyer to fight for custody but the message just wasn't getting through."(MSBA Newsletter)

Knowing your rights and how to access assistance for enforcing them can be challenging for many people. However, for persons who are deaf and hard of hearing the difficulty is magnified. Scenarios like the one above prompted this search to locate attorneys within the St. Paul/Minneapolis area open to addressing the needs of deaf and hard of hearing people. The directory included attorneys who have had experience serving persons with a hearing loss, are interested in including this population among their hearing clientele, and attorneys who self identify as deaf or hard of hearing. The listing specifies the attorneys' area(s) of specialty, address, telephone number and or TTY number, and any preliminary procedures required before an initial meeting. This information would be used by the staff of the Metro Regional Service Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People when making legal referrals to deaf and hard of hearing people and their families.


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