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Bachelor of Arts

Project Coordinator (Advisor 1)

Monica Eden


At the beginning of this project there was no company in existence, and there needed to be a great deal of information gathered to assist in putting all of the pieces together.

Three objectives were going to be met. First was to provide high quality rental housing in non-traditional rental areas. Second was to have the business exist as an entity by August of 1994. Third was the completion of the operating agreement.

In this project, the intervention became the actual work involved in setting up the company. The research which was done for this project was not done in the abstract; it had to be done in real time.

As problems were encountered and questions arose, they had to be dealt with so the work related to the setting up of the company could proceed.

When an area was encountered in which there was no information easily accessible, it became necessary to contact the appropriate agencies to try to find the needed information.

All of the information was not derived directly from research done by the researcher. It became necessary at certain times to use the expertise of a professional.

The primary people used for this assistance was an attorney who was hired to provide legal information and certain members from the financial community.

It became difficult at times to know where to go for some of the information. After becoming more involved in this project, there were discovered a few sources of information which proved to be very valuable. These are the State of Minnesota Small Business Administration and the SBA information from the Federal Government.

I would recommend to anyone who is thinking of starting a business to spend as much time as possible on the investigation of what all information is needed before starting to set up the business. The time spent in the preliminary stages of the design and planning will pay off greatly when you begin to actually start the process of doing the paperwork and setting up your business.


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