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Bachelor of Arts

Project Coordinator (Advisor 1)

Jan Brandhorst


Due to the breakup of the Bell System, reorganization at Northwestern Bell created a need for employees to be trained in new areas. The purpose of the project was to evaluate the usefulness of the Market Focus Project and to determine if it impacted the participating employees attitude regarding the direction of Northwestern Bell/U.S. West.

The evaluation of the Market Focus Project was done by surveying the participants after completion of the pilot program. The survey results revealed two major findings: A low percentage of participants were using the Resource Guide, and a limited number of respondents acquired a greater sense of direction of Northwestern Bell/U.S. West by participating in the project.

The results from the Market Focus survey contradict the expectations the researcher had anticipated. It is the researcher's belief the Market Focus Project was a victim of its reason for existence. The project was developed as a tool to aid employees with their careers at a time when the company is reorganizing and changing many job functions. It appears many of the participants were unable to progress with the Market Focus Project due to reorganization. The researcher recommends a follow up procedure for future- participants. It is believed the follow up would be most beneficial if done in a group setting.


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