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Bachelor of Arts

Project Coordinator (Advisor 1)

Eva Sova


The purpose of this project was to recommend to The La Salle Property Management Group that structured activities, informative workshops, and continual interaction with the residents in low-income or subsidized housing complexes will help detour many of the negative components that take up residences in these neighborhoods. These negative components usually consist of gang activity, heavy drug traffic, local thefts, and family disturbances. Many say that these negative components go hand in hand with low-income and subsidized housing units. The researcher would like to show that this does not necessarily have to be the case if these residents are presented with a few positive choices.

The main objective of the project was to show that when the surrounding communities of Brooklyn Center and Brooklyn Park, the residents of the Ponds Townhomes, the Police Force, and The LaSalle Property Management Group join forces in wanting to change the environment, many of the negative attitudes about low-income and subsidized housing can be changed.

Keeping the best interest of the Ponds Townhomes residents in mind the researcher recommended that The La Salle Property Management Group become better acquainted with their residents in order to determine their wants and needs. The researcher also recommended that the La Salle Property Management Group begin to initiate a few structured activities in recreation as well as informative workshops.


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