CUP Undergraduate Research

Date of Award

Spring 4-1-2017

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School of Management


Homeland Security & Emergency Management

Degree Name

Homeland Security, BS


East County Fire & Rescue (ECFR) operates in and around the city of Camas, Washington. This small fire and rescue entity is tasked with a plethora of daily responsibility ranging from medical emergencies to forested emergency issues. Because ECFR is tucked in with Vancouver Fire & Rescue as well as the Camas Fire Department, they are reliant upon each other in emergency situations to carry out mitigation, response, reaction and recovery strategies. Having a detailed Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) that includes hazards analysis, capabilities assessments and other concepts of operations is essential to having every operating entity on the same page, reporting to the correct appointed officials. The EOP also details mutual aid requests for state and federal resources as well as East County operational scope statistics. The organizational structure provides first response and mitigating parties the ability to correctly report information to the right people as well as provide a structure for decision making during emergency situations. It is the responsibility of the Incident Commander (top of the organizational structure) to have heard all necessary information to make decisions on immediate operations.