CUP Undergraduate Research

Date of Award

Spring 4-1-2017

Document Type



School of Management


Homeland Security & Emergency Management

Degree Name

Homeland Security, BS


The city of Woodland, Washington sits along the very busy north and south railroad line that connects Portland and Vancouver with the Tacoma and Seattle areas and beyond. Each day over a dozen trains carrying a vast assortment of cargo goes rumbling by, some of it is mundane and some are volatile. What is very worrisome is that the Woodland Primary School is only a hundred meters from the tracks. Although remote, there is always the possibility of a train derailment close to the school. The local emergency services have plans for a train derailment, they fall under their standard operating procedures; the biggest concern is the plans that are in place at the Primary School level, they are lackluster and only cover the basics of what needs to be done in an emergency. These shortcomings will be addressed and new plans put into place that better serve the Woodland Primary School and the community in a time of emergency.