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Homeland Security & Emergency Management

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Homeland Security, BS


Bandon Dunes Golf Resort has the priority of keeping their employees and guests safe on the property. This means the Resort must understand, plan, and respond to various threats in the area. Bandon Dunes Golf Resort is located along the Oregon coast just outside of the City of Bandon. The Resort must be prepared to respond to more common business disruptions and threats to the hospitality industry or private sector as well as infrequent catastrophic threats like an earthquake/tsunami on the Cascadia Subduction Zone. This catastrophic earthquake has been looming for years and would have a great effect on the pacific northwest coast ultimately causing many losses. The Resort is one of the largest businesses in the area and needs to ensure they can protect the lives and health of their guests and staff and minimize damages to property. This proposal identifies threats and problems the Resort may face as well as potential options for solutions and implementations to achieve their desired outcome of becoming more aware and better prepared to protect lives and property upon the occurrence of any of these threats or incidents.