CUP Undergraduate Research

Date of Award

Spring 4-1-2018

Document Type



College of Arts & Sciences



Degree Name

Psychology, BA

First Advisor

Erin Mueller, Ph.D.


In this research, I examined the relationship between coaching behaviors and the development of social physique anxiety in adolescent female athletes. In the past, researchers have found links between coaching styles and the behavior and thought processes of athletes, but no research has been conducted regarding the effects of coaching behavior on the development of social physique anxiety in athletes, male or female. The results of this research have the potential to benefit the athletic community by providing them with more information regarding the mental health of athletes. This was an ex post facto correlational study. Each participant completed two surveys: The Social Physique Anxiety Scale (SPAS) and the Coaching Behavior Scale for Sport (CBS-S). The data were analyzed using a one-tailed bivariate correlational analysis. There was no statistically significant correlation found between levels of SPA and general previous coaching behaviors experienced (r= -0.24, p= 0.07). However, there was a statistically significant correlation of -0.30 (p= 0.03) between levels of SPA and the Competition Strategies construct of the CBS-S.

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Psychology Commons