CUP Undergraduate Research


Self-Esteem and Familial Emotional Support

Date of Award

Spring 5-6-2009

Document Type

Restricted Access Thesis


College of Theology, Arts, & Sciences



Degree Name

Psychology, BA

First Advisor

Dr. Kevin Simpson


The purpose of this study is to critically examine recent critiques of self-esteem research in order to determine whether self-esteem research is valid, and what changes could be made to improve it. To examine possible causes of self-esteem, a pilot study was conducted to determine the correlation between self-esteem and familial emotional support. The sample consisted of 56 undergraduate students attending Concordia University. Data were collected using a survey, which included the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale (1965). Familial emotional support was measured using an index of four questions developed in a previous study that was published by Caldwell, Silverman, Lefforge, & Silver (2004). Results of this study showed no correlation between familial emotional support and self-esteem.

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