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Water/Wastewater Infrastructure Security: A Multilayered Security Approach

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Book Chapter

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Once and owner/operator recognizes their system's threats and vulnerabilities, they need to develop a plan for how they will mitigate those vulnerabilities and lower the risk to the system and increase their resiliency. Elements that will need to be considered when developing a security program include budget, staffing resources, regulatory requirements, coordination with capital system improvements, criminal activities, acts of vandalism, and intuition. This chapter will help utilities assess their current level of security, identify areas for improvement, and outline the components of a multilayered security program.

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Handbook of water and wastewater systems protection

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Van Leuven, L.J. (2011). Water/wastewater infrastructure security: A multilayered security approach. In R. Clark, S. Hakim, & A. Ostfeld (Eds.), Handbook of water and wastewater systems protection (pp. 435-455). doi: 10.1007/978-1-4614-0189-6.


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