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Civilian death while in police custody has been on an upward trend and continues to make the news across the United States. Minorities seem to be the ones who suffer this fate more frequently than Caucasians (DeGue, 2016). This shows the injustice, inequality, and double standard within our law enforcement system. To begin the healing process and restore trust between civilians and law enforcement agencies change needs to happen that corrects the apparent injustices and prejudices being perpetuated within law enforcement agencies. The public should not fear their local police agencies and minorities should not fear dying while interacting with police officers. This change can begin with hiring the correct and ethical people, ensuring adequate training and policies are in place, and disciplinary actions occur when policies or expectations are breached as part of their duties. With this type of onboarding systems, SMART Goals, and the right leadership, change can begin. As time passes, civilians and the public should notice the change within law enforcement agencies.