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The purpose of this research review was to gather the information that will help make changes with evidence-based approaches to help prevent and intervene with these horrendous crimes that have impacted the United States. Inspired by students' and staff member's outcries, these tragic events that attack the most innocent victims must be taken into complete consideration to guarantee their safety. This research review explores the concerns and issues as they relate to policies, code of ethics, strategies, safety planning, and training that have proven to work in preventing any future attacks. States and school officials have implemented programs, security measures, and mental health personnel to help prevent and intervene with these attacks. Another focus has been on gun violence, youths are no longer using guns for recreational purposes, youths are using guns to harm people. The American people request more gun control in our country, citizens are expressing their opinions, and thoughts on what can help with controlling gun violence in school shootings. Relying on evidence-based approaches and taking school security measures seriously has helped in developing policies and procedures that help keep schools safe and maintain a positive school climate as well as a culture that will improve school achievement.