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Degree Name

Master of Arts


Human Services

First Advisor

Diane Nelson

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Nick Francis

Third Advisor

Chris Fietek


The implementation of wellness programs in law enforcement today is quickly becoming a primary focus of departments throughout the nation. Implementation of a financial coaching program as a component of a holistic officer wellness program can serve to greatly reduce one of the single largest causes of stress in society; money. One of the hallmarks of successful public safety is planning and preparation for the unknown. Individuals armed with practical knowledge and well-defined financial plans are better suited to confront personal and professional decisions with a clear mind and eyes fixed on the future. Successful implementation of a financial coaching program can lead to increases in physical, relational and mental health while also showing increases productivity as reflected in heightened service to the community. Program-specific information will be laid out in the following paper which will include areas of discussion between financial coach’s and participants as well as common vernacular used during the process. The following information will highlight some of the key areas addressed by the program and lead to a broader understanding of the scope of the financial coach’s involvement and the role of the department and participants alike.