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The unfortunate trend of school shootings is on the rise within the United States. The purpose of this paper is to describe a leadership communication plan for a school shooting situation, along with identifying the three phases of a crisis: pre-crisis, crisis response, and post-crisis. It also describes the role a probation officer plays within this topic and the importance of this person in a juvenile’s life. An unforeseen issue with school shootings is how it relates to social media. Social media can be used to bully, harass, and contact others unsolicited. It can also be used for a student to vent their feelings and potential disturbing behavior. However, there is a way to use social media with juveniles to help recognize, intervene, and therefore prevent school shootings from occurring. By implementing a new policy within schools, school staff can monitor a youth’s concerning behavior and prevent any real danger or harm from happening by reporting the behavior to the appropriate authorities. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a well-known intervention used with clients who are involved in the criminal justice system. CBT is a technique used to help juveniles and adults better understand their negative thoughts and behaviors as well as gain control of their emotions and develop valuable coping skills. The use of CBT is just as beneficial to those who have experienced a traumatic event or can help aid in preparation or when debriefing an event such as a school shooting.