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Consequences can be a driving factor for why citizens follow laws in the United States. Financial and physical freedom is valued. Citizen’s behavior may change if police officers threaten to take these things away for breaking laws. Policymakers today are working to restrict when law enforcement officers can chase criminals for breaking the law. Suppose the ability of law enforcement to hold criminals accountable is restricted. Would this not lead a reasonable person to believe that criminals may think they are free to commit crimes? This paper will cover current trends in violent crime in both the United States and the City of Minneapolis. It will show the relationship between restrictive police vehicle pursuit policies and how they correlate to increased violent crime. A primary barrier to researching this topic is that many departments recently began restricting pursuit policies, and the data on violent crime is unavailable for 2023 at the time of writing. The information and research highlighted the need for law enforcement officers to be allowed to pursue violent criminals until they are apprehended.